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Treasury Committee chairman Andrew Tyrie MP questions timing of release


FCA and PRA face staffing issues

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Insurance risk professionals see wages rise 30%

Salary hike driven by shift in regulatory expectations and evolving business strategies


FCA dices with actuaries in annuity profits probe

The UK's Financial Conduct Authority wants to make the annuity markets more competitive, but tackling excess profitability and price differentiation may be a bigger challenge than it thinks. Christopher Cundy reports


UK annuities market faces competition probe

Move likely to benefit open-market annuity providers


Capital standards and regulator relationships key issues for London market

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PwC's Jonathan Howe recalls the major talking points of 2013 and sets out insurers' challenges for 2014


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Section 166s become more frequent, more diverse

UK regulators are making more use of their Section 166 powers to order third-party investigations into insurers and brokers – and broadening their focus. But they are still guaranteed to cause grief for firms, as Jamie Bullen reports