Eric Cioppa, the regulator's regulator

Maine's superintendent of insurance has taken on the mantle of NAIC president for 2019. He talks to Sarfraz Thind about regulatory priorities and how he will marshal the 50 states to reach a common view


A death knell for the Sifi designation?

The US inquiry into the designation of non-bank systemically important financial institutions looks likely to see insurers AIG and Prudential Financial shed the label, while ensuring the court appeal against MetLife becomes obsolete. What will replace Obama's post-crisis regulation and will it affect the international process? Callum Tanner reports


NAIC digs its claws into EU-US covered agreement

A Congressional hearing has given opponents of the covered agreement the opportunity to argue for its renegotiation under the Trump administration. Christopher Cundy reports


Covered agreement could disappear under Trump, say lawyers

New administration may see agreement as favouring EU interests


FIO and Eiopa team up on cyber risk

Authorities met on 9 January


NAIC slams secretive process behind covered agreement

Could act as "backdoor to force foreign regulations on US companies"


Final push to sign EU-US covered agreement in 2016

Insurance Europe encouraged by recent progress


Decision on US equivalence not before year-end

US insurers to face significant obstacles to operate in the EU


US clears last hurdle to negotiate covered agreement with EU

Regulators seek Solvency II equivalence in return for harmonisation of reinsurance collateral requirements


FIO attacks scope and timing of state regulators' captive reform

Proposed rules insufficient to stop insurers from using captives to overly reduce level of reserves