FSB develops cyber response and recovery toolkit

The toolkit is due to be finalised in late 2020 for financial institutions


International capital standards: the US's chorus of disapproval

Development of the global insurance capital standard (ICS) has always been controversial. But the level of ire expressed by the US government, regulators and insurers at this week's NAIC conference was unprecedented. Sarfraz Thind reports


FSB puts G-Sii designations on hold

No new systemically important insurers named for 2017


IAIS faces fresh debate on systemic risk – and clash on capital standard

The International Association of Insurance Supervisors meeting in Kuala Lumpur this week comes amid a renewed debate about systemic risk in insurers and big questions about the deadlines for developing a global capital standard. Christopher Cundy reports


IFRS 17 due date gives 'enough' time for insurers, says FSB

But firms need to start implementation as soon as possible


South African regulator to lead IAIS

Jonathan Dixon to replace Yoshihiro Kawai


Navigating the options on recovery and resolution

As recovery and resolution planning becomes a focus for regulators, Eoin King, Bridget MacDonnell and Eamonn Phelan explore the requirements for re/insurers and the possibilities for recovery measures


FSB designates same nine G-Siis

New IAIS designation methodology was not used


MEPs want Eiopa to sit at FSB table

Report argues need to ensure global standards do not clash with EU regulations


Reinsurers will probably avoid a G-Sii designation

Standard & Poor's argues reinsurers are not systemic and unlikely to face the HLA