FSOC drops Sifi designation in favour of activities-based approach

Future Sifi designations contingent on cost-analysis are not welcomed by all


Eric Cioppa, the regulator's regulator

Maine's superintendent of insurance has taken on the mantle of NAIC president for 2019. He talks to Sarfraz Thind about regulatory priorities and how he will marshal the 50 states to reach a common view


US Sifi designations: not exactly dead

The Federal Reserve's work on large insurer regulation appeared to receive a final nail in the coffin when Prudential's Sifi designation was removed this month. Insurers have rejoiced, but systemic risk regulation has not been buried entirely. Sarfraz Thind reports


Prudential Financial loses Sifi status

Insurer does not pose threat to financial stability, say US regulators


MetLife victorious in Sifi litigation

FSOC agrees to end appeal against rescinding systemic risk designation


US should take industry-wide approach to systemic risk, says Treasury

FSOC should not focus on specific firms when designating Sifi status


US Treasury rejects Sifi methodology for insurers

Prudential Financial and MetLife are given a huge boost by latest Treasury report, which favours an activities-based approach over the entity-based systemic risk evaluations


FSOC members explain their decisions in AIG's Sifi vote

AIG's systemic risk status was removed following a 6-3 vote


AIG loses US systemic risk status

FSOC votes 6-3 to remove Sifi tag


FSOC to ponder removal of AIG's Sifi status - report

AIG was designated as a systemically important financial institution under the Dodd-Frank Act