Eric Cioppa, the regulator's regulator

Maine's superintendent of insurance has taken on the mantle of NAIC president for 2019. He talks to Sarfraz Thind about regulatory priorities and how he will marshal the 50 states to reach a common view


NAIC digs its claws into EU-US covered agreement

A Congressional hearing has given opponents of the covered agreement the opportunity to argue for its renegotiation under the Trump administration. Christopher Cundy reports


FIO and Eiopa team up on cyber risk

Authorities met on 9 January


NAIC slams secretive process behind covered agreement

Could act as "backdoor to force foreign regulations on US companies"


Trump government threatens federal and international regime for insurers

'Systemically important' designations, the EU-US covered agreement and US enthusiasm for the IAIS may all disappear over the next four years with Donald Trump as president. Some state commissioners are planning to make the most of an administration that, like them, sees too much power in the hands of federal authorities. Callum Tanner reports


Pressure mounts to achieve EU-US covered agreement

International Underwriting Association calls for end to collateral barriers


US lawmakers claim veto power over adoption of global capital standards

State regulators and industry hail vote in House Financial Services Committee


US-EU insurance talks to continue

Second round of negotiations took place in Washington DC last week


IAIS collects data on the use of senior debt as capital

US pushing for ICS capital resources review


Too soon to say if global capital standard will work for the US

FIO's Finnell compares calibration process to 16-wheel truck