Insurance regulation is "back on international track"

Federal Reserve's Randal Quarles says the move to greater international regulation is overdue


Fed draws up insurance capital rules

Update on building block proposals of 2016 for Fed-regulated firms in the US


ICS version 1.0 inspires little faith in IAIS timetable

Despite the IAIS heralding the launch of insurance capital standard version 1.0, insurers say it has achieved a lot less than originally promised. Is it time to scale back ambitions for version 2.0? Callum Tanner reports


A death knell for the Sifi designation?

The US inquiry into the designation of non-bank systemically important financial institutions looks likely to see insurers AIG and Prudential Financial shed the label, while ensuring the court appeal against MetLife becomes obsolete. What will replace Obama's post-crisis regulation and will it affect the international process? Callum Tanner reports


Navigating the options on recovery and resolution

As recovery and resolution planning becomes a focus for regulators, Eoin King, Bridget MacDonnell and Eamonn Phelan explore the requirements for re/insurers and the possibilities for recovery measures


Trump government threatens federal and international regime for insurers

'Systemically important' designations, the EU-US covered agreement and US enthusiasm for the IAIS may all disappear over the next four years with Donald Trump as president. Some state commissioners are planning to make the most of an administration that, like them, sees too much power in the hands of federal authorities. Callum Tanner reports


US government fights for MetLife's systemic tag

Appeals against judge's decision to rescind designation


Fed rules pose liquidity challenge for AIG and Pru

Financial sector securities may be excluded from "highly liquid" category


Fed outlines two-tier framework for insurance supervision

Public consultation to discuss suitability of consolidated and building-block approaches


Fed to hold open meeting on insurance rules

Board of Governors to discuss capital requirements for Sifis and insurers with thrifts