Fema delays flood model to 2021 after Congress pushback

Fear of hike in US flood insurance rates sees delay until after Presidential election


US flood insurance: new model, new hope?

The federal flood insurance system has been setting milestones in mismanagement since it was introduced in 1968. Will a new risk model and other guidance improve the situation, and allow private insurers to participate? Sarfraz Thind reports


Fema finally delivers new US flood risk model

Risk Rating 2.0 to go live in 2020 providing more accurate reflection of flood risk


Natcat mitigation saves Americans $10.5bn on insurance

Research finds building with hurricanes in mind would save another $16.1bn


US flood insurance programme gets actuarial help

Milliman to provide modelling and pricing


"RMS models validated by Sandy's wind and storm surge impacts"

The modelling firm's much-criticised v11 hurricane model incorporated technology which allows surge simulation throughout the entire lifecycle of a hurricane. Sandy showed the model's worth, Jeff Waters argues


Congress ups NFIP budget by $9.7bn

Vote for further increase for Sandy claims scheduled on 15 January


US flood money will dry up without Congress help

Claims for Sandy and other disasters could be left unpaid, FEMA warns


Sandy losses to overwhelm federal flood programme

Private-sector alternative is feasible, says economist


US flood bill passed into law

NFIP reauthorised for longer than normal