China's insurers suffer expected fall in solvency as C-Ross Phase II takes effect

CBIRC says ratios "remain within a reasonable range"


Insurers likely to face growing regulatory and capital developments

Fitch points to tighter standards for systemic insurers and climate risk as high priority areas


Bigger does not mean better for insurers

Expanding an insurance business in good times typically meant growing profits. In today's tougher economic environment, Europe's largest insurers are being much more prudent about spending capital, and are only considering very careful expansion, as David Walker writes


UK climate test: some insurers likely to breach solvency ratios, says Fitch

The Climate Biennial Exploratory Scenario results for insurers and banks are due on 24 May


Global convergence of ICS regime is unlikely, Fitch warns

The first two years of the global insurance capital standard's monitoring period have been completed


It's life Oliver, but not as we knew it

European life insurers' capital consumption used to give their CEOs indigestion. But the "capital-lite" diets of Allianz and others has transformed the business, as David Walker discovers