German insurers faced €3bn natcat bill in 2019

Costs fell for third consecutive year, GDV data shows


German legal insurers face €6bn bill from Dieselgate scandal

GDV calls for measured increase in lawyers' fees next year


What German insurers expect from a European recovery post-Covid-19

GDV chairman calls for a more sustainable economy in Europe in the post-crisis period


German insurers face €500m bill for voluntary business compensation

GDV says business policies in Germany very clear on pandemics


Coronavirus action plan activated at key German insurer

But trade body says virus still exerting limited influence on country's industry as a whole


German insurers slam regulatory 'stranglehold' on economy

GDV chief economist Klaus Wiener calls for a principles-based system


German trade bodies criticise BaFin over reporting, proportionality

Regulator replies existing measures to ease burden are appropriate


IFRS 17: what insurers dislike from the final consultation

The treatment of reinsurance accounting under IFRS 17 appears to be the most consistent complaint from re/insurers, but deciding when the standard should take effect continues to generate disagreements among stakeholders. Cintia Cheong reports


What's next for the MA and VA?

More than €100bn of capital relief is provided by Solvency II's matching and volatility adjustments, but they are far from uncontroversial. As the European Commission begins to consider reforms, Christopher Cundy reports on the problems and possible solutions


German life insurers relish €4.5bn-plus saving on ZZR contributions

The revised methodology for calculating Germany's special interest rate reserves is saving billions for the country's life insurers. David Walker reports