Gibraltar insurer enters administration

Quick-Sure Insurance has 117 outstanding claims to be settled


Gibraltar insurer files for insolvency

Parent company unable to secure additional funding


"Models may tell you something is extremely rare - but the real risks may still be out there"

Kathryn Morgan welcomes developments in risk management that have improved oversight and communication, but warns of the false comforts provided by models


Big data only half the story

Panellists at InsuranceERM's data conference highlight the importance of data governance to ensure quality


Insurers and regulators join to discuss data concerns

First Solvency II annual returns, risk modelling and IFRS 17 to be examined


Gibraltar regulator will take own route on post-Brexit reform

The London market has been loud and clear about its concerns over Brexit, but Gibraltar based firms are in an arguably even more uncertain position. Kathryn Morgan, director of regulatory operations at the GFSC speaks to Callum Tanner about Solvency II and passporting


Board governance the focus in Enterprise failure investigation

The Gibraltar regulator believes it may have been "consistently misled" by Enterprise's board on its solvency. Peter Taylor, its director of legal enforcement, speaks to Callum Tanner about the ongoing probe


Insurers share tips to improve risk culture

Six measures outlined to promote risk culture


Sharma appointed to the board of Gibraltar's financial regulator

Former UK regulator played a major role in the development of Solvency II


InsuranceERM's Most Influential 2015

The personalities shaping risk and capital management in Europe are revealed