IAG urges Australian government to act on global warming

Half-year results show 43% fall in insurers net profits


Australia and reinsurance: continuing the affair

Australia's insurers make extensive use of reinsurance and reinsurers like to take on the risk - and the relationship looks set to survive the recent catastrophes that have beset the country, as David Walker reports


Suncorp uses reinsurance after 'unprecedented' natural catastrophes

Australian insurer uses $452m of full-year hazard allowance in seven months


Australian hailstorms cost IAG A$169m

Bushfires and discount errors also expected to dent Australian non-life insurer


Australia bushfire insurance damage bill hits A$1bn

General and life insurers finding numerous ways to help policyholders


COMMENT: The burning, unspoken issue for Australia's catastrophe insurers

The country's properties are still insurable, but in the face of climate change-fuelled disasters, for how long?


Australian bushfire mitigation insurers want poses challenge for politicians

Current loss estimates could easily double as fires continue to burn


IAG blows perils budget as bushfires keep devouring Australia

P&C insurers receive nearly 6,000 claims, figures expected to climb significantly


Australian fire claims approach 5,000, losses surpass $200m

Both expected to grow significantly as land the size of Belgium is aflame


Australian hailstorm costs estimate at up to US$130m

Risk Frontiers warns of more to come in summer storms