Gen Re actuary to become IFoA president in 2018

Jules Constantinou will replace Marjorie Ngwenya


TSC hearing: gaining equivalence a priority for UK Solvency II reforms

Single market access now off the cards after May speech


UK's problem with Solvency II isn't EU red tape: it's gold plating

MPs investigating post-Brexit Solvency II reforms should focus on the UK regulator, rather than Brussels bureaucrats, according to insurers. Far from throwing off the shackles of Europe, most firms hope any changes will be minor and phased in slowly. Callum Tanner reports


Actuaries call for improved Solvency II transitional reset methodology

When and how to recalculate the transitional measure on technical provisions has proved one of the trickiest aspects of the Solvency II regime for UK insurers. Actuaries argue the PRA will need to refine the methodology if firms are to take a more meaningful benefit. Callum Tanner reports


Actuaries, you are still misunderstood

Advice is to engage with leaders and work in non-traditional fields


Deloitte actuary faces tribunal over reserving failures

FRC investigates Equity Red Star director, auditors and actuary


Risk qualifications stir up debate on CRO's role

Attempts to professionalise risk management through certification schemes have reopened discussions about the evolving role of the chief risk officer. Asa Gibson reports


Valuation issues persist for PPOs

Periodical payment orders may be an established part of the UK motor insurance claims landscape but methods for reserving for them are still uncertain, as Rob Treen explains


IFoA launches accreditation scheme

QAS offers accreditation for commitment to actuarial quality


UK watchdog probes conduct at RSA's Irish business

FRC investigates actuaries and accountants