Insured losses for 2012 were 36% higher than average

Sandy and US drought were most costly, says Impact Forecasting


Aon Benfield launches Swiss flood model

Growing desire for transparency in models, says EMEA co-CEO


Aon Benfield launches Thai flood model

Insured losses from last year's floods breached $15bn


Counting the cost of Isaac and Asian typhoons

Aon Benfield reports on August's storms, floods, droughts and earthquakes


Ambiental joins Aon Benfield to improve flood models

Flood experts are working with Impact Forecasting


Research projects driven by mix of altruism and business logic

Climate change, floods, longevity, volcanoes, the Arctic ice cap, the Great Barrier Reef - all have been the subject of various research projects funded by re/insurers or brokers. However altruistic the support of these projects appears, they all ultimately bring some benefit to the sponsors, as Sarfraz Thind explains


Insured weather losses approach $1bn in April

But May will be active tornado month, says Impact Forecasting


What's been learned in the year since Tohoku?

None of the models allowed for an event of the size of the Tohoku earthquake of 11 March 2011 in that region of Japan. How have the cat modellers responded in the year since? Experts from four modelling firms answer InsuranceERM's questions


What to expect from cat modellers this year

No surprises would be good after the model controversies of the past year. Lorna Davies provides a guide to the modelling firms' plans including a new 70-model platform and Australian bushfire and Asian typhoon models