Socrates Coudounaris: people can overcome the most difficult of situations

Socrates Coudounaris, co-chair of the CRO and NED specialist interest group at the Institute of Risk Management, answers InsuranceERM's new year questions


What digital transformation means for CROs

Some chief risk officers are keen to embrace the opportunities offered by digital transformation, while others see it as a distraction. But all view digitalisation as an unavoidable trend that brings new risks with it, as Ronan McCaughey explains


Enstar CRO to chair Institute of Risk Management's climate group

Martin Massey will lead cross-industry effort to understand climate risk


Institute of Risk Management appoints Great-West CRO as chair

Iain Wright takes over from Socrates Coudounaris


Risk management institutes join forces

The Institute of Risk Management deepens collaboration with the Institute of Operational Risk


Learning the lessons from internal model change

Defining and implementing changes to internal models has challenged insurers, but a new industry report sheds some light on the best approaches to managing the process. Christopher Cundy reports


Digital risk management qualification opens for enrolment

The Institute of Risk Management certificate covers digital risk assessments, cyber security and ethical issues


IMIF publishes guidance on op risk modelling and insurance purchases

Survey highlights variation in practice across the industry


Model risk management - why should we care?

There are clear benefits to insurers from taking a holistic approach to managing model risk, says Phil Whittingham


IMIF launches guidance on model risk management

UK-based group builds on work in banking industry