Learning the lessons from internal model change

Defining and implementing changes to internal models has challenged insurers, but a new industry report sheds some light on the best approaches to managing the process. Christopher Cundy reports


Digital risk management qualification opens for enrolment

The Institute of Risk Management certificate covers digital risk assessments, cyber security and ethical issues


IMIF publishes guidance on op risk modelling and insurance purchases

Survey highlights variation in practice across the industry


Model risk management - why should we care?

There are clear benefits to insurers from taking a holistic approach to managing model risk, says Phil Whittingham


IMIF launches guidance on model risk management

UK-based group builds on work in banking industry


IRM outlines advanced uses of internal flood models

Model limitations must be understood to unlock benefits beyond underwriting


Ferma launches professional certification scheme

More options for European risk managers seeking accreditation


Quantifying the diversification benefit

The diversification benefit is a crucial factor in internal models, but how do you pin down dependencies in the absence of hard data? Justin Skinner and Russell Ward share their experiences


Argo hires Hindson as CRO

Alex Hindson is second risk officer to leave Amlin for Argo


IRM publishes guides on Solvency II internal models

Covering operational risk modelling and diversification benefits