BI appeal opportunity recedes for Australian insurers

Lawyer says BI insurers' legal arguments in Australia were too narrow


QBE boosts risk margin after UK BI judgement

The outcome left the insurer with less headroom to cover Australian BI claims


Australian regulator criticises insurers over pricing in natcat-prone regions

Underwriters in northern Australia put under microscope in three-year study


IAG announces A$1.6bn in reserving and equity placements as BI judgement bites

Australian insurer assessed its potential BI exposure as at 30 October


Australian insurers likely to appeal after losing BI test-case

Further cases on policy issues not yet tested in court are probable


Australian properties at "high risk" will double as severe weather increases

Climate analyst warns adaptation is needed as climate change intensifies


Hailstorms trigger Australian summer's first 'catastrophic' event

Trade body estimates A$60m insurance bill as 5,000 claims lodged in Queensland


Australian insurers urge government to accept bushfire recommendations

Insurers paid A$5.94bn for 2019/20 natural disasters in Australia


Australian watchdog monitors BI claims from Covid-19

Asic sets out its expectations to general insurers


Australian BI coverage test case gets court date

The case will be heard by the New South Wales Court of Appeal in October.