US insurers call for halt to HLA consultation

Trade group says IAIS should focus on definitions first


Industry condemns HLA proposals

Extending the scope of the requirement to traditional insurance is wrong


FSB's standards on bonus payments are "bank-centric", insurers say

Nature of insurance business reduces effectiveness of claw-back clauses


Systemic risk buffer may miss the target

The IAIS has unveiled a formula to calculate the high-loss absorbency for global systemically important insurers. The industry claims the requirement is set too high and fears it will be poorly targeted. Hugo Coelho reports


Industry must appreciate link between conduct and prudential risks

IAIS says closer scrutiny of business conduct can reduce prudential risks


Non-traditional activities on the BoE's radar

Supervisor will conduct assessment of risks to financial stability


Insurers hail change in ICS timeline

Questions about the type of standard remain unanswered


Insurance Capital Standard stalls over valuation rift

Regulators change timeline and agree to develop interim versions


Too-big-to-fail insurers face 20% capital loading

Global regulators put tentative figure on higher-loss absorbency requirement


ICS loses steam

Plans to introduce a global standard for insurance capital have altered, with the International Association of Insurance Supervisors opening the door to differentiated implementation at the national level. Hugo Coelho reports