Ten top actuaries to receive CERA qualification

Recognises significant ERM expertise and experience


JP Morgan Asset Management takes Risk Explorer

Will use for clients in P&C insurance


Longevity risk seeks investor appeal

The LLMA's new indices promise a more tradable market in longevity risk, with greater appeal to investors, according to market players. But the market remains stuck in a "chicken and egg" situation on liquidity. Lorna Davies reports


IORP could cost UK £700bn

But there will probably be a long transition, says LCP


Solvency II will hit securitisations but may boost derivatives' use

Securitisations, hedge funds, real estate and private equity are not favoured assets based on Solvency II capital charges, but derivatives may offer insurers some flexibility, as Safraz Thind explains


How Solvency II will affect insurers' bond and equity investments

Solvency II is driving changes in the way insurers manage their assets, with equities looking likely suffer. But how big an impact on asset allocation overall will there be? Sarfraz Thind looks at the implications for bonds and equities. A subsequent article will cover other investment classes


IORP hype is "irresponsible scaremongering" says ABI

NAPF figures on DB schemes "unhelpful"


Eurozone debt contagion threatens insurers' capital

As European leaders attempt to stem the growing sovereign debt crisis, Michael Faulkner reports on the threat to insurers of a default by Italy or Spain.


Acquisition activity set to increase as Solvency II drives capital optimisation

With Solvency II looming large on the horizon, insurers are taking a hard look at the capital efficiency of their businesses and are likely to dispose of portfolios that don't meet the grade.


Balance-sheet volatility is next challenge for insurers

Solvency II's approach to valuing assets and liabilities presents additional challenges for insurers in managing the volatility this creates. Michael Faulkner reports.