Just suspends dividend, awaiting ERM consultation outcome

Equity-release mortgage valuations in question


UK regulator's "worst case" ERM proposal could make life insurer insolvent

Ex-Bank of England employee analyses Just’s assumptions around equity release mortgages


Equity release mortgages: stopping the roof falling in

The Prudential Regulation Authority has shaken up life insurers by proposing new assumptions around the valuation of ERMs. The more prudent approach seeks to avoid a potential disaster if house prices stagnate or crash, but the impact on insurers could be serious. Christopher Cundy reports


Axa plans €1.2bn life sale to private equity group

Cinven move for Axa Life Europe complements purchases in Germany


Just warns of impact from regulator's matching adjustment reforms

UK life insurer is a major investor in equity release mortgages, the MA treatment of which is under scrutiny


Plan for cyber-attacks, warns regulator

Cyber-attacks have grown and can be easily transmitted between parties, regulators have cautioned


UK should have no influence on EU financial regulations say Green MEPs

Sven Giegold concerned by Theresa May's call for joint management of regulatory framework


PIC and JRP take on pension scheme risks

JRP predicts increase in activity for 2017


Big data an "existential challenge" to state regulation system

Regulations are not keeping up with technology, says Birny Birnbaum


UK insurers launch legal challenge against damages discount rate review

"Reckless and wrong" to proceed at this time, says ABI