IFRS 17's second-order effects begin to crystalise

The insurance sector is beginning to look beyond the surface and understand what changes the IFRS 17 era will bring to business. Paul Walsh reports


US insurers sanguine over potential recession

KPMG says CEOs believe recession will be short as demand for insurance remains high


"Signals of change" could pressurise commercial insurers, warns KPMG

KPMG said the sector "should not stand still" in the face of challenges


KPMG: seven ways insurers can prepare for IFRS 17 and IFRS 9

Standards will significantly change financial reporting for underwriters


Aspen UK's accounting errors led to $100m capital injection

Bermudian insurer confirms appointment of EY as auditor to replace KPMG


Esure Group names Helen Cooper as CRO

She will drive enterprise risk management and support the insurer's digitalisation drive


Insurers happy with UK's Solvency II plans, but capital savings remain uncertain

The government has grabbed positive headlines with its proposals to reform Solvency II, but the industry is cautious about the how they will pan out. Cintia Cheong reports


Creating C-Ross

DWS's Ellen Yang can fairly claim unique insight into the development of China's prudential regulation. She talks to David Walker about her involvement and the impact of the Phase II rules