US insurers face $7bn payout from Hurricane Matthew

Property damaged by wind and inland flooding, says KCC


Insurers face up to $400m payout from Hurricane Hermine

60-70% of total insured loss comes from residential claims


KCC estimates $500m insured losses from Hermine

Category 1 hurricane hit Florida on Friday


Climate change 'not an issue' for hurricane insurance investors

Storm surge may be a bigger concern, says Karen Clark


Counting the costs of catastrophes

Apart from highlighting the problem of "model miss", the tragic Japan earthquake and tsunami have also revived the debate over whether the limitations of cat models have been made plain enough, especially in the way they affect the process of estimating insured losses


Japan earthquake heightens concerns over "model miss"

Questions are again being asked about the performance of cat models after the series of disasters culminating in the tragic earthquake in Japan in March revealed shortcomings in key areas. How will the modelling community respond in the aftermath of Tohoku? Modellers and others give their views


Cat risk models still overestimating losses

Karen Clark issues new report on model performance