Brexit, Trump and cybersecurity key risks for non-life insurers

Annual SII survey shows sufficient SCRs from almost all respondents


Scottish Widows completes £880m buy-in with Littlewoods pensions

The deal covers nearly 7,000 members


UK mortality improvement slowdown likely to persist

The CMI's latest projection model suggests slowing rate is a trend, not a one-off event, as Cintia Cheong reports


Justice Committee's Ogden advice raises fear of further delay

MPs have told the government it must face the "real world" when implementing the new personal injury discount rate. But its recommendations may cause more delay to the process, and pain for insurers as the industry tussles with making appropriate assumptions. Paul Walsh reports


PIC completes £725m buy-in

Attractive pricing helped by significant de-risking by the fund


Aviva and L&G in £1.2bn bulk annuity deal with Pearson

Deal equally split between insurers


LCP survey finds a quarter of non-life QRTs full of "obvious errors"

Nearly a quarter would also need to recapitalise after loss of capital equal to MCR


The ongoing ordeal of Ogden

The change to UK's damages discount rate came as a huge surprise to many insurers. But this is far from being a one-off shock. Christopher Cundy reports


Insurers tussle with Ogden rate assumptions

The UK government is due to announce a revision to the damages discount rate – at the same time as insurers are preparing their annual reports. Christopher Cundy reports