Insurance executive named Austria's finance minister

Hartwig Loeger sees important role for life cover as pensions hit limits


PIC completes £600m buy-in deal with Wolseley pension fund

Bulk annuity market experiences period of significant buy-in activity, says PIC


19 May will be D-Day for insurers' Solvency II reporting

Europe's underwriters delaying publishing documents until last minute


An alternative to the three lines of defence

Limitations to the 'three lines of defence' model of risk management have been exposed through its use in financial services businesses. Clive Martin, Paul Willman, Roy Boukens and Oliver Rockley suggest an alternative way of describing risk management responsibility.


Research projects driven by mix of altruism and business logic

Climate change, floods, longevity, volcanoes, the Arctic ice cap, the Great Barrier Reef - all have been the subject of various research projects funded by re/insurers or brokers. However altruistic the support of these projects appears, they all ultimately bring some benefit to the sponsors, as Sarfraz Thind explains


Counting the costs of catastrophes

Apart from highlighting the problem of "model miss", the tragic Japan earthquake and tsunami have also revived the debate over whether the limitations of cat models have been made plain enough, especially in the way they affect the process of estimating insured losses