US flood insurance: new model, new hope?

The federal flood insurance system has been setting milestones in mismanagement since it was introduced in 1968. Will a new risk model and other guidance improve the situation, and allow private insurers to participate? Sarfraz Thind reports


Fema finally delivers new US flood risk model

Risk Rating 2.0 to go live in 2020 providing more accurate reflection of flood risk


US life firms under pressure from accounting overhaul

It has been billed as the biggest change in US accounting rules for decades. But reportage of the new US GAAP LDTI standard remains sparse. Since coming into effect in August, with an implementation deadline of 2021, companies have been scrambling to assess the impact. Sarfraz Thind reports


"In a more interconnected world, we need to care about complexity"

Risk management frameworks have relied on simplifications to make them workable, but the modern world needs an approach that embraces complexity, says Neil Cantle


"Have we really learned all the lessons from the financial crisis?"

The financial crisis left a deep impression on ALM and risk management practices, but Paul Fulcher warns not all the warnings have been heard


"Primitive" California law poses wildfire risk challenge for insurers

Insurers unable to use cat models to set prices, says Milliman


IFRS 17: A delay in the balance

Arguments are raging about whether implementation of the new insurance contracts accounting standard should be delayed. Cintia Cheong wraps up the latest developments in the long-running saga


US flood insurance: bridging the political chasm

Hurricanes Michael and Florence have again drawn attention to the issue of underinsurance of flood risk in the US. The industry says regulators are stymieing the market, and reforms are stuck in a political logjam. InsuranceERM's US editor Sarfraz Thind reports


Paul Fulcher joins consulting and actuarial firm

ALM and capital management expert quits Nomura after six years


New business drives 19% EV growth for Asian life insurers

EV growth across Asia in 2017 ranged from 10% to 28%