Taiwanese insurers to adopt international solvency regime in 2026

Regulator has come up with a phased approach for gradual implementation


Coronavirus-induced volatility will erode insurers' profitability and solvency

Moody's sets out the key risks for European insurers in next 12-18 months


Moody's: Insurers need to issue up to €29bn of RT1 debt

Moody’s rated insurers have issued €3.1bn of RT1 debt since 2017


Chinese life insurers face economic challenges

Moody’s said the challenges will include slowing economic growth and lower interest rates


5G's slow roll-out delays IoT disruption for insurers

Moody’s says IoT growth will still continue with insurers and insurtechs collaborating


ESG risks increasingly affect insurers' credit profiles

Moody’s says sustainability factors matter more now to regulators and investors


Taiwan plans to improve life insurers' risk profiles

Change would curb unit-linked products and introduce greater ALM challenges for firms


European insurance CFOs reveal top concerns

Few CFOs cite IFRS 17 as a major concern