Eric Cioppa, the regulator's regulator

Maine's superintendent of insurance has taken on the mantle of NAIC president for 2019. He talks to Sarfraz Thind about regulatory priorities and how he will marshal the 50 states to reach a common view


EU-US covered agreement stuck in limbo

NAIC had hoped to resolve the issue before the end of this year


US and UK broker post-Brexit re/insurance deal

The deal preserves the benefits of the existing EU-US covered agreement for UK firms


US-EU covered agreement: a rocky road to implementation

US regulators have raised the ire of their European counterparts with their implementation of the covered agreement for reinsurance collateral negotiated last year. With no resolution in sight, states risk provoking a pre-emption of the law which could see the federal government taking control. US editor Sarfraz Thind reports


Insurance Europe accuses US of welching on covered agreement - UPDATED

Argues draft NAIC proposals do not reflect the original bilateral deal


IAIS gears up for a global supervisory regime

Since the International Association of Insurance Supervisors introduced the Insurance Capital Standard in 2016, the industry and some supervisors have pushed for fundamental changes in a number of areas. With a new consultation package, the IAIS aspires to square the circle. Aggelos Andreou reports


Bermuda ready to negotiate covered agreement with US

Waiting for US to come to the table


NAIC adopts data security law

Rules include ongoing risk assessment, third-party vendor management and breach notification


AIG loses US systemic risk status

FSOC votes 6-3 to remove Sifi tag