US regulators increase focus on insurers' use of AI and ML technology

Gaps exist in regulatory expertise to monitor growth of tech in insurance


Apollo-Athene has created "a bevy of imitators," fuelling industry risk - CORRECTED

The firm was highlighted in response to NAIC consultation of risks in PE-insurance market


No need for SEC climate rules on insurers

Federal oversight will add to climate reporting burden, says the III


IAIS meeting raises hopes of "one framework, two data points" ICS

NAIC and Eiopa ask for industry help to smooth development of rules


NAIC consults on ComFrame changes for US internationally active insurers

Regulatory body looking to adopt ComFrame's Orsa and financial exam standards


NAIC president warns of excessive regulation impact

Dean Cameron was speaking at the Insurance Europe conference


The US climate split

The knives are out on what US insurers need reveal about their climate-related exposures. Sarfraz Thind reports


NAIC gives states until September to adopt reciprocal reinsurance laws

Ten US states still to adopt covered agreement for collateral relief


NAIC updates climate risk disclosure survey for US insurers

Participating insurers must comply with TCFD reporting by this November


NAIC appoints Beth Dwyer to the FSOC

Dwyer replaces retiring Eric Cioppa to represent state insurers on Federal regulatory panel