NAIC launches scathing attack on FIO's climate data call

Letter to Treasury lays bare conflicts in state and Federal climate insurance regulation


NAIC warns of surging protection gap in US earthquake zone

Cost of NSMZ earthquake insurance has risen by 352% since 2000


US cyber insurance market grew 61% to $6.5bn in 2021

Data breaches have surged, cyber one of biggest cat threats for insurers


PE-owned insurers do not invest in riskier assets, NAIC finds

Total number of PE-owned US insurers rose to 132 in 2021, 3% of market


FairPlay launches AI detection bias tool for insurers

The US company's product aims to reduce algorithmic bias in the insurance industry


NAIC designates private equity investigation to sub-committees

No timeline on when investigation will result in formal guidance


NAIC faces criticism over slow progress in climate work

Scant evidence of regulators moving climate rules in short-term


US regulators increase focus on insurers' use of AI and ML technology

Gaps exist in regulatory expertise to monitor growth of tech in insurance


Apollo-Athene has created "a bevy of imitators," fuelling industry risk - CORRECTED

The firm was highlighted in response to NAIC consultation of risks in PE-insurance market


No need for SEC climate rules on insurers

Federal oversight will add to climate reporting burden, says the III