US-EU covered agreement: a rocky road to implementation

US regulators have raised the ire of their European counterparts with their implementation of the covered agreement for reinsurance collateral negotiated last year. With no resolution in sight, states risk provoking a pre-emption of the law which could see the federal government taking control. US editor Sarfraz Thind reports


IMIF launches guidance on model risk management

UK-based group builds on work in banking industry


NAIC digs its claws into EU-US covered agreement

A Congressional hearing has given opponents of the covered agreement the opportunity to argue for its renegotiation under the Trump administration. Christopher Cundy reports


ABI gives guidance on non-modelled cat risks

Hidden risk has potential impact on solvency


FASB votes to curtail convergence with IASB

Accounting board limits the scope of its project on insurance contracts


Congress ups NFIP budget by $9.7bn

Vote for further increase for Sandy claims scheduled on 15 January


WRN unveils research projects in US

They range from tropical cyclones to economic capital modelling


Willis Research Network adds 10 US members

They include Carnegie Mellon, Georgia Tech and Wharton