Hurricane forecasters worsen outlook for Atlantic basin

The latest forecasts predict an "extremely active" season


Noaa warns of busy 2020 hurricane season

Between 6-10 hurricanes in the Atlantic are forecast


Atlantic hurricane season set to ramp up

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has forecast increased hurricane activity


US government shutdown hits hurricane forecasting work

Forecasts for 2019 impacted by longest ever shutdown


Experts maintain forecasts of below-average hurricane season

A stark contrast to the devastating impact of the 2017 season


2018 Atlantic hurricane season - the calm after the storm?

Last year's Atlantic hurricane season was one of the most catastrophic in recent memory with insured losses estimated at over $130bn. Now 12 months later and on the first official day of the season, forecasters believe relative calmness awaits. But forecasters are often wrong. Paul Walsh reports.


XL Group spells out impact from California wildfires and tax changes

Group to take a $98m hit after US tax cut


2017 Atlantic hurricane season could be 'extremely active', says NOAA

Agency raises likelihood for above-average number of storms


TSR predicts average Atlantic hurricane season

One hurricane and three tropical storms expected to make US landfall


NOAA predicts above-average Atlantic hurricane season

Partly due to weak or non-existent El Nino