Berkshire Hathaway reveals $3.2bn underwriting loss

Losses came from Geico, retroactive insurance and Gen Re


OAC launches cloud software for SIMR

To record information about senior managers and map governance


The realities of Brexit for UK insurers

Market volatility should erode capital ratios, the possible loss of passporting rights may force restructuring and relocation – and regulation could well be tightened. Hugo Coelho reports


Insurers weigh up options to validate ratings

Firms required to avoid automatic reliance on external assessments


Insurers pressed to flag deviations from standard formula

Eiopa unveils assumptions underlying the default method for calculating Solvency II capital


Cloud, standard formula and GRC solutions gain traction

Financial modelling software dominates the new ERM Technology Guide, as it did last year's, but there is more emphasis this year on enhanced computing performance, standard formula solutions and governance, risk and compliance


OAC upgrades Mo.net financial modelling software

Now installed in 15 countries


FSA "not reopening pre-application for models"

Extending the window for the IMAP to mid-2013 applies only to those firms already in pre-application, says the UK regulator, but it has yet to clarify other issues arising from its announcement about the delay in Solvency II implementation. Lorna Davies reports.


Financial and risk modelling software moves into "qualitative" areas

Our guide to 18 systems from 14 vendors shows a wide range of approaches. All of them have features relevant to compliance with Solvency II and some are prepared for pillar II and III requirements.