UK reacts angrily to Eiopa's Brexit preparedness warning - UPDATED

More than 100 UK and Gibraltar companies have no or insufficient contingency plans, says Eiopa


PRA updates insurance firms on its post-Brexit supervisory approach

In case of a no-deal, firms will have a limited period to seek proper compliance


UK postpones equity release mortgage reforms

Decision based on consultation feedback


UK regulator sets expectations on climate risk management

More detailed guidance on best practice expected in 12-18 months


UK drafts post-Brexit changes to Solvency II

Six key amendments identified


Analysts welcome UK's move to improve solvency capital disclosure

PRA publishes template to aid insight into capital roll forward


Prudential to switch supervisors after M&G demerger

Asian-focused business will no longer be overseen by the UK PRA


Equity release mortgage lending "a scandal like Equitable Life"

Durham University professor warns of major errors in insurers' valuation


Equity release mortgages: stopping the roof falling in

The Prudential Regulation Authority has shaken up life insurers by proposing new assumptions around the valuation of ERMs. The more prudent approach seeks to avoid a potential disaster if house prices stagnate or crash, but the impact on insurers could be serious. Christopher Cundy reports


All UK Solvency II reporting to use XBRL

Transition period not allowed, but a testing window will be offered