Insurance reforms to reshape Indonesian market

Firms required to spin-off sharia-units over a decade


FCA and PRA 'at odds' over with-profits funds

Contingent supporting assets included


John Huff: Capital cannot be the only answer to systemic risk

While in Amsterdam for the conference of the International Association of Insurance Supervisors, Hugo Coelho caught up with Missouri insurance commissioner John Huff. Here he elaborates on his criticism of global standards, and discusses key aspects in the tug of war between the US and Europe on the convergence of insurance regulation


Prudential Financial covers L&G's longevity risk

Deal to cover portion of L&G's bulk annuity portfolio


Capital add-ons no permanent solution, PRA says

Discretionary requirements would give insurers time to tweak their models


UK insurers weighing up alternatives to the MA

Volatility adjustment might be more attractive, but further detail needed


PRA provides further model guidance

Clarifies appropriate use of standard model


Potential for "unwelcome surprises" in Solvency II highlighted

Morgan Stanley cautions over internal model and matching adjustment


PRA closes in on distribution strategies of with-profits funds

Concerns over imprudent profit transfer to shareholders


Bailey says door to insurers "will always be open"

Reiterates Carney's tough stance on internal models