IASB shakes up insurance accounting

Exposure draft foreshadows big changes in income statements


PwC appoints global insurance leader

David Law assumes role immediately


Some regulators lagging on Solvency II

Doubts raised over harmonization


UK budget is a mixed bag for insurers

IPT is increased but government commits to tax reform on foreign branches


Can actuaries rise to the corporate challenge?

Actuaries are being given the chance to play a central role in the running of insurance businesses. Do they have the right skills and will they seize their opportunities? Jessica Baylis reports.


Is the test of use too loose?

Internal models for Solvency II should be fully embedded in the business but official guidance on this is quite vague, says John Ferry


Time to get serious about the models

Only forty-seven months to Solvency II! For insurers taking the internal model route crucial decisions are needed now. Jessica Baylis reports.