Tokio Marine licenses RMS HD models

The agreement continues a long-standing relationship


RMS forecasts up to $3.5bn of onshore losses from Delta in US

The prediction represents a marginal increase on previous estimates


RMS estimates up to $3.5bn insured cost from Sally

Hurricane Sally came with stronger winds than expected, weakened quickly but was slow-moving, says RMS


The cloud is a silver lining amid Covid-19

Covid-19 has put to bed any doubts about the use of cloud technology for risk and capital management. The pandemic will also drive more sophisticated risk modelling, as Ronan McCaughey discusses in his review of key trends in the risk software markets


InsuranceERM's Technology Guide 2020-21 is launched and ready to use

The directory covers over 100 products used by insurers for risk, capital and asset management


RMS predicts up to $15bn of US insured losses from Laura

Laura tore through parts of the US Gulf Coast last week


RMS estimates up to $5bn insured Isaias losses

Hurricane Isaias made landfall in the US in early August before weakening to a tropical storm


RMS updates tropical cyclone analytic tools

Update comes amid forecasts of increased Atlantic hurricane activity


Catastrophe risk modelling: platforms and models update

InsuranceERM's round-up of developments at model vendors and platform providers AIR Worldwide, Impact Forecasting, Oasis LMF, RMS, Guy Carpenter, WTW, JBA, Nasdaq, KCC, ARA, Combus, CoreLogic, ERN and Fathom


Cat modelling awakens to climate change risk

Responsibility for understanding the implications of climate change for insurers has largely fallen on the shoulders of the catastrophe modelling community. They are responding with a more dynamic and multi-faceted view, as Paul Walsh reports