US flood insurance: new model, new hope?

The federal flood insurance system has been setting milestones in mismanagement since it was introduced in 1968. Will a new risk model and other guidance improve the situation, and allow private insurers to participate? Sarfraz Thind reports


A shake-up of Australian earthquake modelling

David Walker finds that much has changed in the risk models used to assess the country's seismic hazard - and in the mentality of the modellers themselves


Perils and RMS advance Australasian natcat work

Risk companies flag modelling and coverage enhancements in Australia and New Zealand


California plans law to tap wildfire insurance, combat costs

Bill announced, as RMS releases new US wildfire model


Expansion key for cyber insurance market

Big corporates lack access to sufficiently large covers, say risk experts Andrew Coburn and Gordon Woo


Indonesia tsunami damage update from RMS

It is thought that volcanic activity set off undersea landslides, which generated the killer wave


The state of play in cyber risk modelling

Sarfraz Thind talks to Jeremy Platt, US cyber specialty practice leader at Guy Carpenter, to get the broker's view on the latest developments in cyber risk management and modelling


California wildfire losses could hit $13bn

Over 90 people died in November’s Camp and Woolsey infernos that struck California


RMS maintains edge over AIR Worldwide in Bermuda market

More than 80% of firms report licensing RMS cat models in 2017


Woolsey fire will cost insurers $2.5bn or more, AIR estimates

Firefighting guns-for-hire now expect to battle US blazes all year round