ABI rejects calls to add businesses to Flood Re

Prime minister David Cameron to consider expansion


Ageas at odds with regulator over 0% charge for regional government bonds

FSMA tells insurer to treat securities as corporate bond under the standard formula


Ageas reveals Solvency II position

Belgian insurer updates on internal model application and questions popularity of transitional measures


French eurocrat to lead Commission's financial services division

Jonathan Faull appointed as director general of task-force on UK referendum


European supervisors set out to tackle conduct risk

Keeping pace with digitisation a concern


The technologies reshaping insurance

The insurance industry doesn't often evoke science fiction. But recent technological advances have been so drastic they could have leapt from the pages of Isaac Asimov. Sarfraz Thind reports


Eiopa budgets €1.5m for XBRL data hub

But occupational pensions, not Solvency II, will be focus in 2014


Single EU financial market at risk of fragmentation

Joint committee of supervisors urge policy-makers to coordinate on cross-sectoral risks


European risk database planned for 2013

ESAs will focus on consumer protection and risk analysis


ESA consults on FICOD directive

Three-month consultation is in response to the call for technical advice from the EC