Regulatory doubts holding back advanced modelling

US regulators are ill-equipped to oversee predictive models and may be slowing the adoption of new technologies, says a study by the Society of Actuaries. Sarfraz Thind reports


Top technology tools for actuaries

The actuarial world may sometimes be perceived as a stolid profession, but the development and integration of new technologies means the sector is moving apace. A survey by the US Society of Actuaries highlights the key technology trends in the business. Sarfraz Thind explains


Technology risks leaving actuaries 'out of sync' with data scientists

SOA survey in US unveils top actuarial technologies and trends


Climate change now top risk for insurers

Financial volatility also re-enters top five emerging risks


Brexit a minimal concern for US insurers

SOA forecasts show continued US insurer growth even in worst-case Brexit scenario


AI and predictive analytics skills are imperative for actuaries

SOA research head says technology important in dictating actuarial career path


CAS scraps plan to merge with SOA

US actuarial society makes decision after “lengthy deliberations”


US actuarial societies plot merger path

Approval for SOA and CAS to combine is due by early 2019


Emerging risks: cyber still top, environment rising

Max Rudolph discusses the findings of the North American actuarial societies' 11th annual survey of emerging risks with Christopher Cundy


Actuaries Climate Index remains at record high

Sea level rise is the biggest factor