Insured US population experienced fewer Covid-19 deaths than non-insured, SOA finds

Pandemic accounted for 8% of deaths in US group life insurance this summer


Covid-19 has changed actuarial training for good

SOA's president says full face-to-face development will not return until 2022


US Elections: a divided government is good for insurers

Joe Biden's win comes after an extended period of uncertainty and division that has clouded US politics. However, division is not the worst enemy of the US insurance industry, but "populist" reforms promised by the Democratic party may well be. Sarfraz Thind reports


US elections could lead to stalemate, warns SOA

Change could remain stifled on key issues such as healthcare and the environment


Climate change tops North American emerging risk survey

Pandemic will feature in next year's Joint Risk Management Section survey, says author


Extreme climate conditions reach new high, North American actuaries warn

Heavy rainfall, sea level and extreme temperatures fuel the trend


Casualty Actuarial Society launches cyber risk exposures guide

The guide is aimed at actuaries, insurance companies and those who price cyber risk


Worst-case scenario could see up to five million Covid-19 deaths in the US

Society of Actuaries publishes Covid-19 mortality modelling survey


North American insurers "not well prepared" for negative rates

Regulatory models also break down under negative rates, actuarial research finds


Climate change ranked as top emerging risk

Cyber and technology ranked second and third in survey of emerging risks