French capital adequacy concerns raised by S&P

Likely to remain a long-term issue


Allianz rating unchanged despite Pimco reshuffle

S&P holds German insurer at AA


Natural catastrophes unlikely to trigger systemic failures

S&P points to robust capitalisation and risk distribution


Beleaguered German insurers off the hook for reserve sharing

The government is looking at reforms to counteract the continuing low interest rate environment. Hugo Coelho investigates


Infrastructure assets retain appeal for insurers

Even if recent pension reforms result in falling demand for annuities in the UK, an increasingly competitive insurance market is likely to sustain the demand for high-yielding assets like infrastructure projects, say Michael Wilkins and Oliver Herbert


How Solvency II will affect insurers' bond and equity investments

Solvency II is driving changes in the way insurers manage their assets, with equities looking likely suffer. But how big an impact on asset allocation overall will there be? Sarfraz Thind looks at the implications for bonds and equities. A subsequent article will cover other investment classes


Downgrade of US credit won't affect insurers

NAIC president says no impact on insurer investments in US government securities


Eurozone debt contagion threatens insurers' capital

As European leaders attempt to stem the growing sovereign debt crisis, Michael Faulkner reports on the threat to insurers of a default by Italy or Spain.