Insurers' spend on EU lobbying rises 50%

Bill for 2015 tops €7m


PRA letters confirm transitional recalculation approvals

Published in the FCA financial services register in the last week


Standard Life ratio drops 8 points at half-year

Methodology change enabled group to recognise an additional £200m as surplus capital


Pressure grows for UK life insurers to adopt latest mortality data

Aviva, L&G, Prudential and Standard Life in line for profit boost, say analysts


Moody's cuts outlook on six UK life insurers

Prospects revised for L&G, Prudential UK, Standard Life, Royal London, Aviva and Scottish Widows


Standard Life and Aegon face renewed risk of Scottish secession

Referendum on independence might put relocation back on the table


The realities of Brexit for UK insurers

Market volatility should erode capital ratios, the possible loss of passporting rights may force restructuring and relocation – and regulation could well be tightened. Hugo Coelho reports


Brexit would be credit negative for UK insurers

Moody's names insurers likely to suffer from market volatility


Axa pursues exit from UK life and savings market

Sells Elevate business to Standard Life following strategic review


PRA handcuffed by equivalence in brexit scenario

Third-country status could cost UK insurers, Asa Gibson reports