Talanx realises fewer gains, despite ZZR spike

Interest rate reserve to reach €2.2 billion by end of 2016


Tagetik claims 265 users for Solvency II reporting software

Pillar 3 solution was launched in 2012


Germany hits the brakes on its €32bn ZZR

The ballooning level of additional interest rate reserves has prompted reforms to the rules, but few insurers took advantage in 2015. Hugo Coelho reports


Twenty UK insurers await news on Solvency II internal model application

PRA expected to announce decisions over the weekend


Munich Re confirms internal model approval

German regulator continues to notify insurers


Allianz's internal model approved

Capital adequacy ratio was 200% at the end of September


Talanx gets the nod on Solvency II internal model

German insurance giant becomes sixth known company to get approval


InsuranceERM/Towers Watson Risk Technology Report

Senior risk and capital executives share their thoughts on risk technology, the pressures the industry faces, downsides of adopting new technology and the future shape of the industry.


Germany to scrap interest rate guarantee cap

Solvency II renders legal limits obsolete


Talanx holds €1.7bn buffer against model, emerging and strategic risks

Voluntarily allocates 10% of own funds to cover uncertainties