VIG reacts to low rates by slashing guaranteed products

Insurer's Solvency II ratio under standard formula estimated between 170-175%


Talanx taps hidden reserves to finance ZZR

German insurer reported a 77% increase in net realised gains on investments


Allianz launches hybrid savings product

Share of traditional savings products in new business drops


Solvency II transitionals keep half of German life insurers afloat

Major efforts needed to plug €12bn shortfall, BaFin says


Talanx drops from traditional life insurance market by end of 2016

Move comes ahead of Solvency II and as low rates take their toll


Internal model submissions begin, despite ambiguities

Despite unclear rules and conflicting approaches from national supervisors, insurers have started submitting their Solvency II internal models for approval. Christopher Cundy and Hugo Coelho assess the state of play


Talanx presents triple view of solvency

Applying for partial internal model in June


Low rates usher an era of 'new traditional' products

Austrian insurer Uniqa has replaced its traditional guaranteed product with a 'new traditional' product that comes with a 0% guarantee and bonus at maturity. It is just the latest insurer to adjust its product portfolio in response to the twin threats of low rates and Solvency II. Hugo Coelho reports


Optimising the capital structure

By analysing the economic capital structure of European insurers, it is possible to gain a sense of their weaknesses and how they are likely to optimise their capital structure prospectively under Solvency II, according to Philippe Picagne and Raymond Tam


European insurers see embedded values rise

New business aiding recovery says Milliman