ABI chair and former MP join UK's pandemic risk pool initiative

Pandemic Re Steering Committee forms six working groups


Impact Forecasting eases access to third-party cat models

Releases version 10 of cat modelling platform, Elements


Willis Re launches Japan tsunami model

Incorporates data from 2011 disaster


Oasis: a threat or a complement to the cat model giants?

A new open-source loss modelling framework, Oasis, is threatening to shake up the catastophe modelling establishment. Jamie Bullen asks insurers, scientists and cat modellers how they see it developing


Oasis launches open source cat modelling software

Framework is backed by 21 re/insurers and brokers


Cat modellers set out their platforms

For Eqecat, AIR and RMS, the future is platforms and the promise to give clients more model transparency and control. Open-architecture initiatives such as Oasis are also gearing up. Lorna Davies details the developments


Oasis roll-out gathers pace

Cat model framework looking for four more players to sign up


Pioneering new approaches to longevity and mortality risk

To model longevity improvements more accurately, Swiss Re is tapping different data sources and collaborating with a range of professions and academics. One motivation: the reinsurer is a significant holder of mortality and longevity risk, as this week's latest Vita mortality bond underlines (see news section). Swiss Re's Daniel Ryan talks to InsuranceERM


Research projects driven by mix of altruism and business logic

Climate change, floods, longevity, volcanoes, the Arctic ice cap, the Great Barrier Reef - all have been the subject of various research projects funded by re/insurers or brokers. However altruistic the support of these projects appears, they all ultimately bring some benefit to the sponsors, as Sarfraz Thind explains