US-EU covered agreement: a rocky road to implementation

US regulators have raised the ire of their European counterparts with their implementation of the covered agreement for reinsurance collateral negotiated last year. With no resolution in sight, states risk provoking a pre-emption of the law which could see the federal government taking control. US editor Sarfraz Thind reports


IAIS faces fresh debate on systemic risk – and clash on capital standard

The International Association of Insurance Supervisors meeting in Kuala Lumpur this week comes amid a renewed debate about systemic risk in insurers and big questions about the deadlines for developing a global capital standard. Christopher Cundy reports


US insurance chiefs meeting Mnuchin on 7 June

Group uncertain how hard to push benefits of covered agreement


NAIC slams secretive process behind covered agreement

Could act as "backdoor to force foreign regulations on US companies"


NAIC slams EU on covered agreement

EU has all the information it needs to avoid more regulatory retaliation, says NAIC


EU and US kick off negotiations for covered agreement

Solvency II equivalence is linked to reducing reinsurance collateral requirements


US clears last hurdle to negotiate covered agreement with EU

Regulators seek Solvency II equivalence in return for harmonisation of reinsurance collateral requirements


FIO attacks scope and timing of state regulators' captive reform

Proposed rules insufficient to stop insurers from using captives to overly reduce level of reserves


EU-US negotiations start in second quarter

Deal to cover group supervision regimes and collateral requirements for reinsurers