Romania uncovers another 11 insurers below Solvency II capital requirements

Review of smaller insurers follows investigation of market leaders


How a 100% SCR stopped being sufficient capital

Insurers are holding capital buffers larger than the minimum required under Solvency II, but is it the fault of the rules, the regulators or the market? Hugo Coelho reports


VIG reacts to low rates by slashing guaranteed products

Insurer's Solvency II ratio under standard formula estimated between 170-175%


Low rates usher an era of 'new traditional' products

Austrian insurer Uniqa has replaced its traditional guaranteed product with a 'new traditional' product that comes with a 0% guarantee and bonus at maturity. It is just the latest insurer to adjust its product portfolio in response to the twin threats of low rates and Solvency II. Hugo Coelho reports


QE reveals the deception of the Solvency II curve

The Solvency II discount curve is masking the impact of tumbling interest rates and artificially increasing levels of available capital, but firms and supervisors are already seeking to gauge the true vulnerability of businesses. Hugo Coelho reports


Bracing for the liquidity squeeze

The push by regulators for the central clearing of derivatives is a serious issue for life insurers that rely on swaps for duration matching. As Hugo Coelho explores, they could be vulnerable to cash collateral calls if interest rates spike


S&P upgrades Uniqa

Austrian insurer has improved capital adequacy


Austrian insurer licenses Conning ESG

Uniqa Group takes GEMS to support modelling with LSMC


On the road to common standards for group capital

A recent Geneva Association report revealed some surprises in the capital management of global insurance groups – and a reluctance to rush towards global standards. Co-author Kathrin Hoppe explains to Christopher Cundy