Uniqa cites internal model approval and M&A for rising solvency ratio

But Austrian group warns of no premium growth this year


Insurance executive named Austria's finance minister

Hartwig Loeger sees important role for life cover as pensions hit limits


Uniqa gets approval for Solvency II internal model

Solvency ratio boosted by 44 percentage points


Uniqa details hit from Italian bank failure

Insurer puts aside €40m to pay for cost of cancelling sales partnership with insolvent bank Veneto


Uniqa chooses Moody's Analytics internal model and portfolio projection solutions

Austrian insurer licenses tools to help with valuation, internal model and investment


Uniqa launches €500m digital drive after hitting Solvency II target

Low interest rates remain a concern, says CEO


Romania uncovers another 11 insurers below Solvency II capital requirements

Review of smaller insurers follows investigation of market leaders


How a 100% SCR stopped being sufficient capital

Insurers are holding capital buffers larger than the minimum required under Solvency II, but is it the fault of the rules, the regulators or the market? Hugo Coelho reports


VIG reacts to low rates by slashing guaranteed products

Insurer's Solvency II ratio under standard formula estimated between 170-175%


Low rates usher an era of 'new traditional' products

Austrian insurer Uniqa has replaced its traditional guaranteed product with a 'new traditional' product that comes with a 0% guarantee and bonus at maturity. It is just the latest insurer to adjust its product portfolio in response to the twin threats of low rates and Solvency II. Hugo Coelho reports