Mandatory climate change disclosures "are only a question of time"

Geoff Summerhayes, board member of the Australian regulator and chair of the UNEP SIF, warns insurers of increased scrutiny


RMS targets efficient accumulation risk management with data schema

Insurers have identified a need to better understand how risk accumulates across different business lines. Paul Walsh talks to RMS's Andrew Coburn to understand how the firm's new data schema will help.


A 1-in-200 cyber event could trigger $71bn in claims

Lloyd's urges insurers to enhance data and develop probabilistic models


Catastrophe models for the 21st century

Modern society is incredibly interconnected and creating potentially huge risks that insurers are struggling to capture. RMS's Andrew Coburn explains to Christopher Cundy how a new generation of catastrophe models could be developed to help


Research projects driven by mix of altruism and business logic

Climate change, floods, longevity, volcanoes, the Arctic ice cap, the Great Barrier Reef - all have been the subject of various research projects funded by re/insurers or brokers. However altruistic the support of these projects appears, they all ultimately bring some benefit to the sponsors, as Sarfraz Thind explains


Former Swiss Re CEO to head climate change group

Coomber takes over from Torrance