Zurich appoints chief life actuary

Bill Robertson joins from Aegon


Equivalence debate hots up

A lot of horse-trading between Europe and the US will be needed if equivalence is to be recognized for the US under Solvency II. Some European insurers with big operations in the US already have a plan B in place, as Jessica Baylis reports.


Bernstein questions reliability of hurricane forecasts

And thinks reinsurance market is "significantly over-capitalized"


Insurance regulation will stay lighter-touch than the banks'

Insurers came through the financial crisis relatively unscathed and don't pose systemic or liquidity risks, argue Jonathan Hekster and Toby Langley


Capital erosion isn't a problem for insurers -- yet

The financial crisis hasn't dented re/insurers' capital too badly. Sources of capital remain to be tapped. But pray for a light hurricane season, says Helen Yates.


Is the test of use too loose?

Internal models for Solvency II should be fully embedded in the business but official guidance on this is quite vague, says John Ferry