CEA faults EC tax proposals

Insurers should not have to pay for banks' mistakes, says CEA


Key points divide FASB and IASB

Moody's comments on boards' approach to insurance accounting


FASB issues paper on insurance contracts' reporting

It follows on from the IASB's exposure draft


IFRS can serve as a convergence point

It will help export an economic view in accounting into regulation that has so far been mostly concentrated on European insurers, argues Lukas Ziewer


IFRS and Solvency II wobble towards divergence

The IASB is no longer on the same track as Solvency II, write Ann Duchêne and Marc Beckers, head of Aon Benfield Analytics in EMEA, and it hasn't yet resolved all its differences with the FASB. How will insurers cope with the variance in approaches?


Insurers face challenges from IASB proposal and Solvency II

Not only is the IASB Exposure Draft a big change from the board's earlier proposals, there are also differences between the ED and Solvency II, and the time-frames for the two regimes are inconveniently similar. Towers Watson examines the IASB document in detail.


IASB shakes up insurance accounting

Exposure draft foreshadows big changes in income statements


UK budget is a mixed bag for insurers

IPT is increased but government commits to tax reform on foreign branches


New policies may worry UK life industry

Coalition government's potential cut in pension tax relief is a concern


UK Treasury consults on tax effects of Solvency II

And wider reform of life insurance taxation is being considered