LDTI takes a bite from insurer balance sheets

US insurers have begun disclosing the impact of 2023's new accounting standard, proving beyond doubt it will be one of the biggest shifts in accounting rules in years. Sarfraz Thind reports


IFRS 17 experts to ditch insurers' favourite method for annuity profit recognition

Not a valid interpretation of IFRS 17, Interpretations Committee says


EDITORIAL: Insurers keep quiet on IFRS 17

Christopher Cundy discusses what has - or hasn't - been reported about the transition to the insurance contracts accounting standard


Annuity profits and RITC top concerns in UK's IFRS 17 endorsement

Despite overall support for adoption of IFRS 17, the UK Endorsement Board has received pushback from some stakeholders over a handful of issues. Cintia Cheong reports on the concerns


Italy sets expectations on IFRS 17

Consultation runs until 16 April


RITC issues will not stop UK's assessment of IFRS 17

UKEB makes no objection to new endorsement timeline


UK likely to delay IFRS 17 endorsement another month

Discussion about profit recognition for annuities delays proceedings


QBE's Richard Rees: IFRS 17 is less of a leap for Australian insurers

The insurer's IFRS 17 technical lead in Europe tells Cintia Cheong why the insurer will have to prepare for three different accounting bases after Brexit and explains the unresolved issues with implementation


UK insurer calls for IFRS 17 carve out if annuity ruling disappoints

All eyes on IFRS Interpretations Committee discussions about CSM allocation


Efrag approves IFRS 17 and 9 transition amendments

Changes were introduced to address potential mismatches in the transition