Insurance contracts timetable looks optimistic

The IASB brought forward its target date to produce an exposure draft on this subject from April 2010 to the end of 2009 but time is running out to resolve a number of issues. KPMG explains.


IASB to present webcasts on IAS 39

There'll be two chances to get feedback on the project to replace IAS 39


Solvency II and IFRS are diverging, says Deloitte

CEIOPS is adopting a more conservative approach than the IASB


CEIOPS responds to IASB on financial instruments

Close alignment between Solvency II and IFRS is the aim


CEA voices concern over IAS 39

The IASB proposals don't reflect the business model of insurers, the federation says


"Insurers need to prepare for reserve accounting changes"

EMB warns firms not to wait till the last minute to implement the changes


Corporate restructuring driven not just by tax

The trend in insurance for restructuring and redomestication is set to continue, but factors other than just tax play a part in this, explain Stuart Higgins and Jim Bichard


IASB proposals may not help insurers

Earnings volatility could increase if the changes go through, says one expert