Eiopa targets conflicts of interest in unit-linked markets

Insurers putting profits above consumer outcomes, EU watchdog warns


EU with-profits sales still outweigh unguaranteed unit-linked

Eiopa figures for 2016 suggest consumers still want protection


Axa announces major reshuffle for 2018

Will help operations be as close as possible to customers, says CEO


'Liability-free' is not 'risk-free' for unit-linked sales, warns Belgian watchdog

Research paper from the regulator sizes insurers' exposure to shadow banks


Insurance Europe seeks assurance over Eiopa's expanding powers

Extra responsibilities to be granted by European Commission need appropriate governance


Leaked papers point to stronger role for Eiopa in internal model approval

Insurance companies will also be tapped for authority's funding


Scor prepared for rising inflation, says CRO

Even severe shock would do little damage to solvency ratio


Uniqa details hit from Italian bank failure

Insurer puts aside €40m to pay for cost of cancelling sales partnership with insolvent bank Veneto


German non-life to continue premium hikes in light of poor investment yields

Solvency ratios expected to decline but remain above 250% at year-end 2017 says Fitch


NN's solvency ratio slips 42pp following Delta Lloyd acquisition

Down from 238% at Q1 to 196%, but post-merger profits beat expectations