Gothaer Life reshuffles management as buyers' views on traditional cover change

Consumers see ever less difference between life, pensions and investments


Eiopa defends UFR methodology in final paper

Industry would have preferred recalculation every five to ten years


Aviva and L&G fail Solvency II capital test without matching adjustment

Prudential and Standard Life would remain Solvency II compliant without any LTGs


ILS investment here to stay, even with higher interest rates

Reinsurers say pension funds won't give up uncorrelated risks when investment markets improve


Allianz increases ZZR by €1.6bn in Q1

Uses realised gains on bond portfolio, beating operating profits expectations by 15%


Anbang banned from issuing new products for three months

Chinese regulator points to products which "deviate" from traditional insurance


Two-thirds increase in German life run-off expected: Fitch

Firms to manage back-books internally in short term but many expected to transfer in next five years


Eiopa gave BaFin five concessions on UFR change

Important that firms do not have to prove post-transitional solvency with lower UFR, says Frank Grund


Dutch firms most affected by UFR change: Fitch

But solvency ratios unlikely to fall below 140%


UFR still "ludicrously high", says Bernstein

Eiopa would have been justified to cut the rate to as low as 1.5%