ICS: the gift that nobody wants

The Insurance Capital Standard continues to be a source of controversy. If the IAIS thought the global capital rule had satisfied at last year's Abu Dhabi meet, they will need to think again. Sarfraz Thind reports


Covid-19 drives £4.4bn in savings for UK motor insurers

ABI said motor claims have fallen this year, but stressed underlying cost pressures remain


British insurers prolong Covid-19 support until March 2021

Industry has paid out more than £1.8bn in coronavirus-related claims


NAIC elects Dean Cameron as 2022 president

Cameron spoke at virtual conference as he has contracted Covid-19


US insurers and lawyers tussle over best pandemic insurance solution

Federal Advisory Committee on Insurance hears four-way fight over pandemic risk methodology


Lloyd's sets record straight on its coal policy

Insure Our Future had slammed Lloyd's for not doing enough


Mounting ZZR contributions "appropriate" in current environment

German trade association backs methodology revised in 2018


France outlines plan for pandemic risk pool

Companies would be covered against lockdown by a resilience lump-sum


German insurance chief hits out at blanket ban on dividends

The GDV's Jörg Asmussen also enthused about the idea of a European pandemic risk pool


IFoA sticks with full AAE membership, at reduced fee

Agreement on mutual recognition of actuarial qualifications to expire at year-end