Only 4% of asset managers rely exclusively on VaR

bfinance survey highlights shortcomings, suggests alternatives


Trying to find the sting in the tail

Tail risk is hard to understand and very difficult to mitigate. But the effects can be seen, disastrously, in the banking industry. Jessica Baylis talks to those looking for answers


New EMB model blends maths with judgement

The firm is using it to branch out into investment consultancy


To VaR or not to VaR?

Value-at-Risk (VaR) is appropriate and effective for its proper purpose "" but it addresses only one of the two key challenges of financial risk management, argues David Rowe


Prepare your models for the six tests now

Graham Fulcher reviews the Solvency II test criteria for internal models and offers practical advice on dealing with them in advance of further guidance from CEIOPS in June.


Swiss Re's capital could erode further, says Moody's

Winding down the legacy portfolios could prove more costly and more complex than predicted


Can capital pressures be run off?

As fourth-quarter results reveal depleted balance sheets for many insurers, exiting unprofitable lines of business could become more popular for managing capital. Helen Yates reports.


(Re)insurers face difficult choices on capital

The range of options for bolstering capital has decreased as the credit crunch has intensified. Risk retention vehicles may have a role to play, argue Adrian Richardson and John Reed


"Non-toxic" investments may hit European insurers' capital base

While some European firms are still reeling from investments in "toxic" paper, concern is mounting about potential losses in more mainstream holdings, as Sarfraz Thind reports


Germany maps out route to Solvency II

The MaRisk VA circular raises the country's preparations for 2012 to a new level. One result: risk management will become more of a board concern. Report by Jessica Baylis